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Villanova launches West End Zone Project construction cam

Villanova's latest $18 million athletics facility project isn't for the basketball team. Jay Wright's program got their similarly-priced facility around eight years ago, and now it is the football team's chance for an upgrade to their headquarters. The new West End Zone Project construction will replace the Butler Annex space attached to the Jake Nevin Fieldhouse, within the footprint of the existing Villanova stadium.

There have been anecdotal photos on social media on the progress of the West End Zone Project; from breaking ground, to the demolition of the Butler Annex, to moving the Jumbo Elliott statue and the Stadium Scoreboard.

Now the Athletics Department has launched a Construction Cam to log the progress of the project by taking a snap shot about every 12-15 minutes. The cam started taking pictures on August 10th and allows the user to watch a time-lapse video of the progress.

Construction on the facility is expected to take about a year to complete, allowing it to open for business before the 2016 season.

Have fun and click refresh to watch.

And if that backhoe/excavator actually moves, let us know in the comments.