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Mark Jackson shares his view for Villanova Athletics

Fans and Supporters of Villanova Athletics can check their inboxes for a new email from Athletic Director, Mark Jackson.

Jackson, who came to 'Nova from USC back in September, outlined his vision "for the future of Villanova Athletics, as well as highlights of the great things our student-athletes are accomplishing in the classroom, in the community and in competition".

His plans & vision are highlighted by the following...

  1. Graduating complete student-athletes
  2. Winning with integrity & class
  3. Finding new and innovative ways to enhance revenue and improve fund raising
  4. Ensuring a culture of compliance and collaboration
The AD noted that the next step is to develop a short and long term plan. The priorities include upgrading the facilities noting that a Pavilion renovation "is essential for the bright future" of Villanova Athletics.

Jackson continued to note that a renovated Pavilion will enhance basketball operations, improve the fan's experience, and provide a long-term revenue stream that "will allow them to compete at the top of the BIG EAST and the highest level of Division 1 athletics". But specifics weren't shared.

What do you think of this? Are you encouraged by the communication?